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Farm Information

FFA members may animals keep their animals at the Ag Farm.
The only animals that are held at the barn are:
-Steers  Pen - $ 200
-Heifers Pen - $ 200
-Pigs Pen - $ 50
-Lambs Pen - $ 40
-Goats Pen - $ 40
-Turkeys Pen - $ 35
-Chickens Pen - $ 35

If you need farm cards, they are $5 each!

For information on getting to the Ag Farm and Rules of the Farm please click on the documents below.

For those who are new and those who are coming back there is a new system and price tags in place for farm supply fees and also electronic card use.

With the electronic cards every student will be issued 2 cards that will open the gates. These cards are the students and are connected to the students name and will be tracked as far as feeding and care purposes. There is a $40 replacement fee for lost or damaged or defaced cards. Different from in the past, there will be a one time $10 fee for your 2 farm cards, these cards will be kept for your entire FFA experience. Meaning, you will not turn the cards in every year, you will keep the same cards from your first year to your last.

There are 2 mandatory farm days: set up Wednesday September 20th and clean up Thursday February 20th. Students with animals on the farm must attend to keep animals at the farm and keep from losing money. There will be a $50.00 charge for students who do not attend, or leave early.

The only people allowed at the Klein FFA Ag Farm are Klein FFA Members and their family (parents, siblings, grandparents, or stepparents).


Map to Klein Ag Farm Rebecca Brummond 8/25/2010 16 KB
Farm Cleanup Instructions Rebecca Brummond 8/26/2010 21 KB
2020-2021 Farm Rules Rebecca Brummond 10/7/2020 202 KB



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