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FFA Alumni

Welcome to the Klein H.S. FFA Alumni.  An organization for past Klein H.S. FFA members and friends to get together to help raise money to support present and future Klein HS FFA members.  Please notify us at KHSffaAlumni@yahoo.com if you are interested in receiving updates such as meeting dates and upcoming events or if you have any other questions about our organization and our purpose.  You can also find us on Facebook for the most up-to-date information or for further communication.  If you cannot attend meetings but still want to join and participate, there are informational letters attached.

Our main events are the KleinHS FFA Alumni Winter Classic which is a Lamb & Goat show held late in the year and the KleinHS FFA Alumni CDE Invitation which is held in FebruaryAside from these events, we raise money to support the KleinHS FFA Chapter by donated equipment the chapter may need as well as donating money to students in the KleinISD Project Show and offering scholarship opportunities to students are KleinHS FFA Alumni members.  Our sole purpose is to enrich the KleinHS FFA program and many of us wish to give back to the program that gave us so much opportunity when we were in high school.

If you have any questions feel free to email KHSffaAlumni@yahoo.com or you can contact Becky Brummond at rbrummond@kleinisd.net.  Below is a link for a Dues Sheet which will also be available at meetings.  If you will not be able to attend any meetings but would still like to join, simply mail in your annual dues with the form.
Thank you for your interest and we can't wait to see you!!

**Link to the New Klein Poultry Extravaganza Website: http://kisd.us/poultry **


2021 Klein FFA Alumni Scholarship Rebecca Brummond 4/16/2021 16 KB
2018-2019 Chicken Show Rules Handout Rebecca Brummond 10/15/2018 674 KB
2018-2019 Poultry Entry Form Rebecca Brummond 9/21/2018 147 KB
2018-2019 Poultry Show Flier Rebecca Brummond 9/21/2018 1140 KB
2018-2019 Klein Bluebonnet Egg Show Rebecca Brummond 9/21/2018 184 KB
Dues Sheet Rebecca Brummond 1/25/2013 27 KB
Constitution Rebecca Brummond 1/25/2013 37 KB
Bylaws Rebecca Brummond 1/25/2013 36 KB
Floriculture Practicum 2017 Kelsey Morris 1/30/2017 15 KB
Floriculture Exam 2017 Kelsey Morris 1/30/2017 19 KB
Livestock Exam 2017 Kelsey Morris 1/30/2017 14 KB
Milk Quality Problem Solving 2017 Kelsey Morris 1/30/2017 169 KB
Milk Quality Exam 2017 Kelsey Morris 1/30/2017 15 KB
Nursery Exam 2017 Kelsey Morris 1/30/2017 19 KB
Nursery Practicum 2017 Kelsey Morris 1/30/2017 14 KB
Nursery Landscape Design 2017 Kelsey Morris 1/30/2017 62 KB
Wildlife Bio Facts 2017 Kelsey Morris 1/30/2017 17 KB
Vet Exam 2017 Kelsey Morris 1/30/2017 23 KB
Wildlife Fish & Game Laws 2017 Kelsey Morris 1/30/2017 18 KB
Wildlife Habitat 2017 Kelsey Morris 1/30/2017 12 KB
Wildlife Safety 2017 Kelsey Morris 1/30/2017 15 KB



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